FDM 6.0 for Android

Dear FDM Users,

We are happy to announce that Free Download Manager is now officially available on Android. Although this is just an early alpha build, and the app doesn’t have much to show off, you are welcome to give it a try and let us know of your impressions.

We did our best to make the experience smooth and pleasant to the eye. How do you like it? What do you think is essential for a mobile download manager? What do you personally expect from FDM for Android? Use our forum to get the download link and leave us a comment.

43 thoughts on “FDM 6.0 for Android”

What about the Linux version?

my fdm doesn’t download torrent files what to do? it doesn’t move from 0% but can download other files

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I really want this Manager. Could you please send me a link to download
Thanks Sherry Bennett

The pc version is very good. Bcas there is no ad. That’s why i like it.

Looking forward to testing this.


At present I am using FDM for Desktop. I find it very useful. Now, I will be prevelaged if I get an Android version of FDM. Pl arrange to send the required link for Androud version of FDM at the earliest. Many many thanks in advance.

Expecting it to have all the capabilities that it has for windows

Excellent service

I need this app. In my experience it is effective

Yes I need FDM Android version plz gave me this

Please update an fdm for android

Yes we need it in android…

Nice app

I expect it to work the same way it works in the desktop

Expect it has a better download speed.

Like it


This is amazing honestly

Love it


Please provide help to me…. thanks

Best download manager

It is best for downloading torrents

best download app for torrenting and downloading

Free download manager very good for downloading any videos

I like it. It is fast download manager. It alsa use the software in my computer and laptop

Good app. But it dont download longs files

I hope the app is great as it is on windows.

Using fdm for mac and pc from one year, it’s great

Good app for all downloads

i want to try

Best download manager

I like this app so much, It is very smooth and Easy to use it

Its good to have your app but its not updated since an year…..many download managers have built in browser with adblocking and even a grabber to download every media file it can show me….i dont see a thing to use your app…….are you still developing the app or is it dead?

when we want to go the download section then the download page getting un-available and show 404 error

Need one app for android application

How can i get it?

I like this app

cant set download location into sd card Pocco f1

FDM is not starting in my Phone Reason:QML Load Failure and ask me to Reinstall the App but still having this error

Quiero darles las gracias por la rapidez con la que suelen solucionar cualquier problema que tengamos los usuarios.felicidades chicos por el trabajo que haceis.

How to use your mobile app?

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