FDM 5.1 Updated

Dear FDM Users!

Today, we’ve updated FDM 5.1. In response to your numerous requests, we’ve added a dark theme to the interface. Bugs on downloading videos were fixed.

Moreover, we published a new official extension in Firefox Add-ons and updated our extension in Chrome Web Store.

Also, pay attention to our special offer in Settings. It’s for those who want to keep up with latest trends.

Download, enjoy and share your experience on our forum!

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

12 thoughts on “FDM 5.1 Updated”

  1. thx FDM team! I choose FDM over IDM for many years… I feel grateful for your software! God bless.

  2. Many thkx for this update!!!
    But can you please add the ability, when you are downloading a file and that file exist already, to ask if you want to overwrite, add (n) to the file name or don’t download it ??

    Please, add this option!! This is the only thing that keeps FDM to being perfect!!! I don’t want everytime I download an already existing file with the same name to have multiple (1) files on my hard disk or having to delete first that file so that I don’t get a (1) file again…

  3. The dark theme is a nice addition, was the second on the feature poll, while Linux was first.
    You’ve added a dark theme and ignored the Linux version.
    So much for giving the fans what they voted for..

  4. My Mac version (v5.1.13) keeps crashing after I upgraded my Mac OS to High Sierra. And it doesn’t happen consistently. Sometimes once after a day of download, sometimes immediately. Please guide me.

  5. Hello! Can you add in new version FDM 5 full classic skin or only button interface and colors from ver 3, please?

  6. I really like this download manager, but why does it use high-performance GPU on a 15″ MacBook Pro? I feel that is power inefficient and bad for the battery to have a download manager using high graphics card instead. Please fix this in the next update.

  7. I upgraded High Sierra to macOS Mojave and FDM does not start and always crash. Are you aware of the situation , will you release macOS Mojave update

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