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Explore Revamped FDM Website

Dear all!

We are excited to inform you that we have completely revamped the design of the FDM website!

The renovated site boasts a sleek, modern and smooth design and offers a much better user experience on all devices, allowing you to find the information you are looking for quicker and easier.

Have a scroll through our new website – and don’t forget to share your thoughts on our forum.

10 thoughts on “Explore Revamped FDM Website”

i’d update the fdm to the last version.
it does not freeze the ui now.
but if the ui is display.
it will cost almost 70% cpu, a crazy number!

Looks great! Thanks for FDM, I use it all the time. I’d like to use the custom branded version when it’s up and running again!

i just installed fdm on my linux. i have bunch of torrent files and it’s completed download files, so i want to use fdm for seeding my old file that i download using other torrent client. but it doesn’t seem to work, fdm keeps to download existing file with new name instead of just seeding the file.
did i miss something?

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