New FDM 5.1.27 released!

Dear FDM Users!

We’ve released a new FDM version 5.1.27. Completely revamped modal dialogs are even more user-friendly. From now on, FDM will ask you if you want to finish a previously failed download instead of creating a new one. If a link has expired and you don’t want to restart the download, just use the Change URL option added to the context menu and check the status of your downloads in a new progress tab on the Info panel.

If you use a previous FDM version, feel free to upgrade and take advantage of the new features.

All the improvements wouldn’t be possible without you. We are glad to have such a great community. Check out the whole list of improvements and share your FDM experience on our forum.

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

11 thoughts on “New FDM 5.1.27 released!”

  1. Good afternoon. Could I ask you how to use batch download in FDM5? I’m using FDM3 for years, but still can’t tell how to create batch download in FDM5.
    P.S. In the newest version of FDM3 I always have “the parameter is incorrect” whenever I restart FDM3. But the program still runs fine as usual. Is it some kind of bug?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello boneknocker,

      Way 1: Select the links in the browser -> Bring up the context menu -> Select Download selected with FDM.
      Way 2: Copy the links to the clipboard -> Select the Paste URLs from clipboard in the FDM menu.

  2. Situation: Download via a list of URLs in a file: is there a possibility to give for each download a file name (e.g. name of the video)? Because if I have e.g. more DLs in this URL list with names e.g. “xxxxyyyysomethingxxxyyy video.mp4” – then finally I do not know which downloaded file is which video.

  3. Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering, how can I make a task on the 5.1 version? I used a lot on the old version.

    1. Hello Angelo,

      Please activate Schedule in the “Add Download” window or from the context menu on the added download.

    1. Hello rongie,

      Please specify your request: are there any details regarding a history (is it a history of downloads, a history of destination folders)? If possible, kindly send us screenshots.

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