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FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 655

Dear all! Thank you for helping us test FDM beta. We have updated it, now it’s 2.3 beta 6 build 655.

What’s new:

[+] Bittorrent: enable/disable seeding of completed downloads
[*] Improved implementation of Bittorrent protocol
[-] Sometimes a bug occurred after deleting a group of downloads
[-] Bug in portable version of FDM
[-] General bug fixes.

2 thoughts on “FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 655”

Hi! Is the problem finally fixed, that some php redirections fail and download only the download.php? That would be the most important fix for me at the moment…

It is good product, must work on adding some features on domein, can not add link automatically (User must add link character by character, but it works fine)

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