13 thoughts on “FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 669”

  1. I was wondering: how hard would it be to implement a 4th throttle. Sometimes I want something closer to my max speed (maybe 80-90%) but normally I want to keep it to around 50% of my download.

  2. i’m still waiting for the next generation of download manager….

    it would be a great 5x, software… i would very appreciate for your hardworking to coding this next big best thing ever…!!!


  3. its a great thing to have and,hope it can be the way it is now ,we all know when its to good to be true then its usually true ,but this one is a big time suppose to me and,it works and help keep things in order and in its place as well learnning how to set it up and,once u get it and,then ur off and running
    its fast and it has setting on here for ur downloads and its low r no traffic for the download while its downloading if u set it that way r u can set it to defant..
    dam its good and it scans the download as well .. wow

    ps keep up the good work guys&ladys for the free downloader team,,,,grat job and well done

  4. This is a great tool to use, i wish to add up onemore option for downloading MP3 songs.
    Satisfied with the way it works….
    Pretty good tool…Must have.

    Kudos to the team, i would render my services as contribution in developing better handy tools.

  5. a very good software that i can rely on.KEEP the WORK UP.
    hope for improvement in the future.
    no more i can say but only A MASTER PIECE

  6. I was using this for last 2-3 years. but now i have been full time linux user. i am missing this on linux. I was thrilled to hear about open sourcing the next version. i will be the happiest person if someone port this software to Linux. I am using Kget, wxdfast, wget, D4x in linux but none as fast as FDM.

  7. This software is great. CONGRATS
    But as you added support of bittorrent you should also add ability to select which files to download and which to ignore from those that torrent file links to (like BitComet). With that function FDM will have all I need.

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