FDM 2.3 beta build 659


[-] Vista: 0x80080005 error in Internet Explorer when trying to download files right after the installation of FDM until computer has been rebooted or FDM restarted.

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i want to try it……..


This errors always happens in Vista unless one turns off the UAC. I don’t want to turn it off, so what I do whenever I can is just dropping the link to the download box (“caja de arrastre”) and it works.

Any news about fixing this bug?

BTW, the error happens after the following message appears:

There is no write access to Free Download Manager’s folder.
You should grant write access in order to allow Free Download Manager
to save its data files, otherwise all data will be losed after the restart of
Free Download Manager.

Again, this is solved turning the UAC off. And yes, I have administrator’s privileges.

i ant to try it


I was using this for last 2-3 years. but now i have been full time linux user. i am missing this on linux. I was thrilled to hear about open sourcing the next version. i will be the happiest person if someone port this software to Linux. I am using Kget, wxdfast, wget, D4x in linux but none as fast as FDM.

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