FDM 3.9 has been released!

Dear FDM Users!
We are glad to inform you that a new version of FDM 3.9 has been recently released. It includes a support for Firefox 10-14, as well as updated torrents core library, updated help file, and a pack of general bug fixes. Please proceed to our download page to get more information.

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Thanks a lot!

(quote) support for Firefox 10-14 (end Quote)

Why stop at 14? Have you encountered any problems with 15?

(quote) updated torrents core library(end Quote)

Does this fix the problem of not recognizing when a torrent has no active seeds or peers?

Thanks a lot!

That’s just grand!
I love FDM!

A marvelous program! I simply can’t live without it.


Best download manager for me.
Thanks, FDM.

Hey guys, will you release a Linux version too?! The only good downloader for Linux is currently jDownloader which is in Java!
I am downloading the source code now, maybe I will do it myself, but if you have plan for releasing it, well it is good to hear about it!

Really wish you could come support linux platfrom too. πŸ™‚

Congratulations and thanks for an awesome product, it should be available for Linux platform as well.

This version should be a good one, as FDM has never let me down!

Oh, I have spotted that this version is faster!

This piece of software makes it easier for us to download.

Thank you so much!

I just want to say thank you for a free download manager.

I want to thank the Free download manager creators, as this application is one of the most used tools in my everyday life. Thank you!

Dear FDM team , I’m from Indonesia. Is there a possibility for you to make your software cross-platform? At least for Linux for Ubuntu users. Thanks, your project is great!

PLease help! When I check for updates, my FDM tells me that I already use the last version, but I have 3.8 version. How can that be?

It took tooooo much time to be released. You should release a new build every time Firefox releases a new version so that you provide true compatibility with Firefox.

To my mind, this tool is the best for download.


I will gladly try the new FDM version!

This version plugin makes Firefox crash at startup (I use Firefox 13.0)

With the old version I had problems with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and even with the latest Release Preview. Do this new FDM version fixes the problems? Other way I won’t be able to use it. Thanks.

U people are wonderful. FDM is the best.

DUN: Had the same problem, but after a restart of the computer it works fine. Tried that?

Hey, where is the source code?!
How can you claim that you have released it, if you haven’t released the source code?!
And no, Sourceforge does not contain it!

A few words of clarification: you also need to release the source code to comply with the GNU GPL, if you want to claim that you have released the software.
(Access to the source repository is not enough. Besides, it is missing the licence…)

Hey thatÒ€ℒs gr8 news.

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Yes, you could try it. You have it for Firefox (which is the best integrator), for Opera (the 2nd best). For Chrome, it is something like oGet, but less powerfrul than that. Regarding IE, every DM supports IE.

You’d better learn something on the topic you are going to make statements on.
1. In no way a license given to you can restrict the copyright owner (except that they cannot revoke irrevocable rights given to you). So they could even rightfully close free access to the source, and still have right to release it under GPL. What this license does is restricting those who want to create derived works on their product. Only if their program is itself a derived work of a GPLed code, they themselves would be bound by that license terms (it would mean that they are not the only owners of the copyright). It looks like everything they use in their project is LGPL, or BSD, or otherwise permissive so they have full control over their project. But see #2.
2. GPL doesn’t restrict the means which are used to access the source. So it’s perfectly OK to use repository for that, or offer a CD, or whatever.
3. The license file is there, and have been there long enough – it is called license.txt and it is in the root dir.

Thanks for the Updated Release – it is a great program.

I download the source to make some GUI mods for myself. I have downloaded release 37 from SVN and found that there are files missing from the repository. I’ve detailed the issues on the forum (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16088).

Can these missing files be checked in? I’m back on 3.8 and would love to upgrade to the newest version.


I have a bug with the integration of plug-in in Firefox 13 when I run Firefox as administrator and it crashes when I want to start downloading.
And a second thing, FDM does not automatically download the archives “zip/7-zip/rar ect…”, here starts the download manager of Firefox instead.

Great job!
I wish there was a Linux version of this. At least, for the lite version.

You had better learn something on the topic that you have made statements on.
1. A proper valid license given to me by the copyright owner is a MUTUALLY LEGALLY BINDING agreement, whether you like it, or not. So it does place restrictions upon the copyright owner! (Especially if he or she has decided to put the work under a GNU General Public License.) So, of course, the copyright owner is free to change the license at any time, he or she could even rightfully close access to the source code, but then he or she must also stop publishing (for distribution) it under the GNU General Public License. However, if the copyright owner decides to publish (for distribution) the covered work under the General Pubic License, then he or she must also publish (for distribution) its corresponding source code. The GNU General Public License does and stipulates under its terms and conditions a lot more than you claim; it does not specify any exemptions for the copyright owner — it applies to him or her without exception. However, the GNU General Public License also gives the recipient the right to obtain the corresponding source code and stipulates the obligation of the distributor who conveys it (who may also be the copyright owner) to make the source code available in a manner stipulated by the GNU General Public License.
2. Oh, the GNU General Public License does restrict the means to access the source code. The case probably most closely pertaining to you is governed by section 6, subsection d) of the GNU General Public License, version 3. However, the repository does not contain the corresponding source code in the manner specified by the above-mentioned provision.
3. I am sorry for the confusion; I meant to say that it was missing the proper license — there is a mismatch between the stated license on the Sourceforge page and the actual content of the license.txt file (which I did notice when I downloaded the snapshot).

So, as long as you do not comply with the terms and conditions of the license (GNU GPL v3) under which the covered work is distributed, you are violating the license — plain & simple. (Indeed, that can apply even to the copyright owner!)

Does FDM support downloading from an RTMP path?

I’m trying to download some videos. I can find the video path through some backend checking but FDM isn’t detecting them when I tell it to “download all videos”. The only thing I can figure is that they are RTMP rather than HTTP.


You seem to misunderstand the purpose and the action of GPL.

Any license is a permission to do something with someone’s product. Thus, the product remains someone’s property, but the owner gives others some (often very limited) rights. And it’s too often that people are unable to do some desirable things with such licensed products.

GPL is a way for a program authors/owners to express their good will and give users rights to do (almost) everything with their products except limiting others’ rights regarding the product (but still the product REMAINS the property of the authors/owners). This IS a legal contract that DOES oblige the authors/owners to provide the rights. But please read carefully the license! It uses term “You” every time it proclaims or restricts user’s rights. Every such passage is addressed to someone who received the product on the license terms. I.e. to users (both usual and developers building atop of this product).

The authors/owners have not received this product this way; they are not “You” in the sense of this license. They would become “You” if they built it atop of other GPLed code, but they did not (until there’s an evidence of it). So they are NOT obliged to do whatever is written to “You” in GPL.

Please please develop FDM for Linux.
All Linux users need for FDM!

Thanks for a GREAT Program.

I love FDM so much, but as Firefox has very bad download engine, FDM is slow on matching update frequency with Firefox.

Good job! But… without support for Linux πŸ™

Does this version have support for socks?
The old versions supported only proxy πŸ™

The best download manager I ever used.
Good job, FDM. πŸ™‚

Anyone experiencing bad downloaded files? I have always bad files with this version, until I revert back to 3.8 build 1173. Hope it’s only me… really love this app. Thumbs up!

Really thaks a lot! Thanks for your work, and your nice design!

@ mikekaganski and Antikapitalista:

You two are sounding like Apple v’s Samsung. What’s the big deal?!?! If you dont like – simple – move on.

FDM is the Best*

*read the fine print

The best download manager I’ve ever used.

The best job…

This is awesome, yes, I really want a new version soon.

Thanks a lot!!!

My Firefox just updated to version 15 today which means FDM is no longer compatible. When will you come out with a new version?

Waiting for FF15 compatibility…

This version 3.9 Build 1249 needs to be updated to integrate with Firefox 15.x.

Oh well, I guess I just have to go through IE for the meantime when I need to download anything.

Hi, this version of FDM is really awesome…
I hope it gets better and better…
But I kinda bored by the interface…
Could you please design a new interface, so it will look better and simple…?
But.. hey, it’s just a suggestion… Don’t bother about it…
I really love FDM…!!!

Great tool and thanks a lot.

P/S: current FDM does not support FF 15, please don’t make mistake like me.

When will there be an update compatible with FF15? Thanks!

Which Google Chrome version does it support?

Thanks a lot!
But due to new firefox version 15.0 it’s not working anymore! πŸ™

When will the new version supporting FF15.x be launched. I just updated to FF15 and now i m stuck without FDM for it.. :(.

Why don`t put compatibility until Firefox 15~20? Or just release as soon as possible after Firefox update (since I gues new code won`t be necessary, just compilation).

One of my favourite mainstay programs. Any chance it will soon be made compatible with Firefox 15?

Hi all,
to allow the FDM Plugin to work with FF15 you have to adopt/edit the file
[Free Download Manager Install Dir]\Firefox\extension\install.rdf
It’s a file in xml syntax and you have to change

This (re)enabled it in my FF15….

Go to this directory (or wherever you installed it)
C:\Program Files\Free Download Manager\Firefox\Extension

Edit the file called install.rdf

Look for this line:

That’s the maximum Firefox version – change the 14 to 15 and then restart Firefox.

You program is excellent with great video download capabilities from tubesites (better than Orbit). However it is not supported by Firefox 15. Firefox 14 is buggy so can’t use it. Release version 4.0!!!

Thanks a lot, works like a charm. You rock and your efforts are well appreciated. Sad goof up by the FDM team, still love the software anyways, way better then IDM or Orbit imo πŸ™‚

I noticed that ever since FDM became incompatible with Firefox 15.x and hence is not integrated with the browser, Firefox no longer freezes nor says ‘not responding’. It means that it was really FDM that was causing it in the previous versions of FF.

I hope the guys of FDM are working on this issue before they release a major update.

For FDM to become compatible with Firefox 15, you can download the update for free download manager plugin. Simply go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-download-manager-plugin/

I tried forcing FDM to work on FF15.x by altering the MaxVersion in the INSTALL.RDF of this add-on to 15.*.*. It was accepted. However, it’s back to the old ‘not responding’ problem for a few seconds whenever there’s a flash video content on a webpage. It seems that FDM is interfering with FF. So right now, I’ve disabled FDM on FF and I’m using the Ant Video Downloader for downloading flash videos. If I need to download an executable file I just copy the link and paste in on the FDM icon near the Taskbar.

I’m hoping that FDM will be fixed to address the problem soon. I’m looking forward to it.

@Gunkhas, That FDM plug-in https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-download-manager-plugin/ didn’t help at all. It made FDM compatible again on FF15.x all right, but it didn’t fix the ‘not responding’ issue. Just like altering the INSTALL.RDF, it didn’t make any difference. The same problem is back, at least in my case. I don’t know if others are also experiencing this.

I like FDM, but I can’t use it again, because the FF 15.x released. πŸ™
When will the next version of FDM be released? I’m waiting for it.^^

Thanks for the awesome download manager. Could you include support for magnetic links in the torrent download?

I am really glad to find this.

Hi, I just wanna tell u that it doesn’t work with Firefox 15.1. Why can’t u make something that does work?

I have used FDM, the FDM plugin, and Firefox for many years, through all the updates.

Currently (as of today, at least) Firefox latest security ‘release’ is now at 16.0.2.

I went in and edited the install.rdf file to reflect 16.0, and updated the Free Download Manager plugin (for Firefox) to the latest version of, dated July 23, 2012. I am using the latest Free Download Manager version 3.9 build 1249.

Now all I need is for someone to tell me how to *FIX IT* so that it actually *WORKS* with FF ver. 16.0.2. I have scoured the forums and the mozilla sites as well, with no luck finding anything concerning making it functional with FF 16.0.2. A little feedback from you would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

It’s not working with IE10 and Windows 8, breaks all sorts of websites and creates havoc on Facebook. Prevents from doing just about everything. 32bit or 64bit same result.

Hai, please let me know when you’re going to release FDM support to Firefox 16 .


FDM Firefox Plug-in v1.5.7.4 modified to work with up to v20 of FireFox.


Hi team

I have Mozilla Firefox 16 and I’ve installed the latest FDM but it is showing an incompatibility message. Please find the solution for it.


Thank you for your shairing, please update pluging in FF (16 – 17). We need and love FDM.

To integrate FDM with Chrome:
1. Right-click on the Chrome shortcut and select properties.
2. Click on ‘Open File Location’.
3. In that folder create a folder named “Plug-ins”.
4. Open FDM settings and now re-integrate with Chrome (uncheck and check again).

FDM is essential to be integrated with Chrome as Chrome’s default download manager lacks many basic features found in other similar programs!

Follow this link for latest plug-in. it will make FDM to work with Firefox 16.0.2.



Doesn’t FDM support magnet links? But why? Now all torrents have magnet links,so what can I do? If I import a torrent file from utorrent to FDM, it shows that “file is downloading”, but 1 hour is too much for 32kb, so sad…

Firefox came up with version 17.0.1 this week but the FDM plug-in is still blocked. I cannot click on the plug-in to add it to FF. I hope somebody’s working on this issue.

Please… hope FDM will update itself to a version that works with Firefox 17!

Thank you!!!

Marc Barlow (user who also sends donations!)

P.S. for those of you who use this program – which is the BEST one I have found —
please send them a donation! I did… and it seems that they are the first to write
upgraded software each time a browser is updated!

Marc Barlow
St. petersburg, Florida

It is a really very nice application. I prefer it over all others.

This software is simply fabulous. But I don’t see any updates for Mozilla Firefox integration. Firefox is currently running version 17 as I am writing this and the latest release of FDM has support only up to 14. I really look forward to the day when you guys release the latest version of FDM which provides integration for the latest versions of Firefox and which takes care of their future releases too. The plug-in simply makes my Firefox browser crash each time I try to download anything.

The Free Download Manager 3.9.2 build 1281 has been long awaited. I hope this build has fixed the problem causing Firefox 17.x to become ‘Not responding’ when there’s a flash video or PDF in a website. I’ll find out soon. Thank you!

Not a technical comment, just a note!

I noticed that your latest news lead back to may 2012 which is an obsolete version for supporting firefox 10 up to 14.
We know that we can download the newest version but the note is not for us. It is for the new migrants to FreeDownloadManager, since they’ll find no use in downloading an incompatible version with their browser.

It would be more wise to update the news.

Current news pleasures new migrants!

Thank you very much πŸ™‚

Hi, why can’t u guys do something with the FF 20 browser. I thought that the FDM will automatically upgrade to the 20th version, but it didn’t. Cant u fix that?

Hello, why is it that every time I try to download torrent file I can’t launch it to download? Need help, please.

I just hope it downloads, had so much trouble, thank you, I have my fingers crossed.

My FDM is not compatible with the latest Firefox version 21.0.
Is there any new version of FDM?

FDM for Firefox 21.0? πŸ™

My FDM is not compatible with the latest Firefox version 21.0. Could you please upgrade it?

I need this free software.

FDM crashed several times a minute in HTML Spider Task. Such tasks cannot be completed since FDM starts the downloads over and over again when restarted. Thumbs down. πŸ™

Hello, I would like to subscribe for this website to get most recent updates, so where can I do it? Please help out.

Is it working on Windows 8 x64?

I had to run firefox (not FDM) as administrator to get the plugin to work. I would think this creates a huge security hole with the browser in that any malware then has admin rights. Is there a workaround wherein the firefox plugin will work without having to run firefox as administrator? Running under Win8.1.

Hmm, is there anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if it’s a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Still the new versions are rolling out?

Hello Channel Manager,

FDM 3.9.7 is supported and browser extensions are updated periodically.

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