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FDM 5.0 Alfa

Dear Users!

Having diligently worked on creating a new FDM 5.0 alpha version for the last months, our team is now delighted to present our latest build which brings a completely new, simplified and more user-friendly interface design.

What’s more, we have already provided some advanced features, such as a drag-and-drop option for all links. From now on, you are able to add them to the client without installing any browser plugins.

We continue improving the functionality of our Free Download Manager, as well as enriching the program with new features. That is why your feedback and comments are very welcome.

Please download it from our Forum.

Build 3003(2014-08-08)
[+] An ability to sort out downloads in all categories
[*] Change priority for torrent downloads bug fixed
[*] Some minor interface improvements
[*] Some outline bug fixes

Build 2992 (2014-08-06)
[*] Incorrect behavior of the ”Show in folder” button fixed
[*] Some minor layout improvements
[*] Bug by downloading torrent files with a lot of content fixed
[*] Activation/deactivation of the ”Start download” and ”Pause” options fixed
[-] ”The speed limit” option for the separate downloads temporarily removed (under development)

Build 2980 (2014-08-06)
[*] Some further download improvements
[*] Many bug fixes in the speed limit settings
[*] Usability improvements
[*] Minor layout improvements

Build 2947 (2014-08-01)
[*] New download list view
[+] Bottom panel shows file thumbnail
[+] BitTorrent checking progress
[+] Status bar added to show total download/upload speed and choose speed limits
[*] Speed limit settings are extended & bug fixed
[*] Download improvements
[*] New batch operations (Pause/Continue/Move to..) on the toolbar
[*] Browser extension changes
[*] Minor UI changes
[*] Overall & stability improvements

Build 2733 (2014-07-10)
+ Web installer
+ Speed modes switch and settings (Settings > Network > Overall speed modes)
+ Downloads list: Ctrl+V opens Add Download dialog with the URL from clipboard
+ Option to enable Peer Exchange (previously it was always enabled)
– Some installers were launched with minimized UAC request
– File tree: could not expand some tree elements
* Display “index.html” as a file name when the latter is unknown
* Close menus when the window is losing focus
* Video thumnails generation performance & bug fixes
* Minor UI changes
* Overall & stability improvements

Build 2627 (2014-06-27)
[+] Thumbnails for video files
[+] Limit number of sections for video downloads
[-] Torrent tracker list: some statuses were not displayed
[*] Increased UI performance
[*] Stability improvements

Build 2601 (2014-06-25)
[-] Last folder was not selected when adding download
[-] Video downloading bug
[*] Improved UI performance (we keep working on it)
[*] libtorrent updated to 1.0 RC3
[*] Stability improvements
[*] Minor UI fixes

Build 2571 (2014-06-20)
[*] Minor UI changes (Chrome-like main menu).

Build 2559 (2014-06-20)
Brand new alpha release.

26 thoughts on “FDM 5.0 Alfa”

I expect to have more controls over my downloads. The interface looks too simple.

Btw, isn’t it spelled ‘alpha’?

Well, I don’t want to disappoint you and I understand how much effort you have put into it to make the new interface, but I have to say this that the new interface was not appealing, I didn’t enjoy it at all.
I expected something like toolbar customization, ability to choose the number of simultaneous downloads and speed right from the toolbar and stuff like this. Unfortunately I can only say that the new interface apart from being innovative lacks user friendliness and many features for which I enjoyed FDM (eg scheduling, site explorer, web spider) are missing too (or i couldn’t find them).
I couldn’t find drop box either, though I was expecting to see an enhanced one (including the info from downloads instead of a separate on for download progress info)

Anyways, thanks for the effort and time you have put into it, these were just my humble opinions, hope you’re not disappointed by them.

M. J. Mazyar

I don’t like the new interface at all. I totally agree with the user mj above. The last stable build is more more user-friendly. The absence of Dropbox is a major drawback. I couldn’t download a single flash/streaming video from sites that with the last stable version. I seize the opportunity to ask for a feature: ”download it ”button for Google Chrome, which is the best Internet browser, to my opinion. Please concentrate your efforts, having as template the stable version of your software. The change of the interface as in the alpha version will make you lose a lot of fans!

So many thanks for this great download manager.
Please consider the following features:
– Magnet link support.
– RTMP download support.
– Socks 4/5 support.

I really love your software. I haven’t downloaded the new alpha, but I would love to have more features on torrent download (in addition to *Michelle* above), such as:
~ Local network peer discovery,
~ Peer exchange,
~ Ability to edit/add trackers, and
~ Forcing protocol encryption.

About flash downloading, could you do something with the impossibility to download from Dailymotion? And please fix current version inability to dl flash (if *Vasgar* is right, haven’t tried any myself).

And just like *M. J. Mazyar* complaints, please don’t remove Site Explorer and HTML Spider, and instead please add support for XDCC downloading 🙂

Best wishes for your upcoming release, and good and much luck for it!

Really, FDM is the best download manager I’ve ever tested and is my favorite DM but it needs some changes.

Thank you! It’s easier than 3.9.2, but it works quite well! The download folder can not be moved / select on the C: it’s inconvenient!
At the system startup, the window is always on, can it be correct?!

Looks good. But lacks a lot of features. And it hangs if there is no Internet connection. I think I will stick to FDM 3.9.2 for a bit.

Refresh expired download link – This feature is not present in the current version of FDM.
It is the most important feature and only 3 download managers now offer this feature:
1 – IDM
2- Download ninja
3- Eagle get

FDM should include this feature, without them it is not good enough.

Been using it for the last 3 weeks, done a lot of downloading , works like a dream except that IE 11 on Win 8.1 tells me that FDM5 not compatible, not verified.

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