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FDM 5 Preview, Build 4436

Dear Users!

We are proud to present a new release called FDM 5 Preview: it improves on the previous builds and fixes some bugs. There are still a couple of issues that we are working on (you can see the list below). Below, you can also find a list of new fixes featured in this release.

Download FDM 5 Preview


Google’s new security feature called Safe Browsing blocked the download for this particular version, that is why we are not providing it at the moment. However, the download button above will lead you to our forum where you can always download the latest available build.

When installing a new build, you will be asked to uninstall the previous installation of FDM 3. Please note that FDM3 uninstaller will ask you whether you want to remove your download list/settings/etc. Answer NO to keep the ability to move back to FDM3 without losing anything!

Never forget to BACK UP your old FDM 3.x *.sav service files BEFORE installing and testing new FDM 5 alpha. They may be too large to be properly converted to FDM5 format or broken during coversion.

Known issues:

[-]Import of History from FDM 3 is turned off
[-]RAM consumption can be high under certain circumstances
[-]IE integration will not work in IE11 with Enhanced protected mode turned on
[-]With long lists of downloads (400+), UI might start working slowly

Build 4436

[*]You can choose not to make any file associations during installation
[*]Improved image previews for files with non-ASCII symbols in the name
[*]Improved browser integration, added support for Firefox 37
[*]More intuitive multiple download selection from the download list
[*]Improved bandwidth throttling when bandwidth limits are set
[*]Several minor changes in the UI and functionality

4 thoughts on “FDM 5 Preview, Build 4436”

I will try if it works with Firefox 37.
Why is there not enough communication with the Morzilla people?
It’s good to have all these groups anyway.

I have tried to download the “FDM 5 Preview”, but it displayed 404 pge not found error 🙁
I require it for plugin for my FF version 37.

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