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FDM 5 Preview (Build 4726.1)

We are rolling out a new update to FDM 5 Preview, it is mainly focused on fixing some known bugs, but it also improves usability in ways suggested by our users.

When installing a new build, you will be asked to uninstall the previous installation of FDM 3. Please note that FDM3 uninstaller will ask you whether you want to remove your download list/settings/etc. Answer NO to keep the ability to move back to FDM3 without losing anything!

Never forget to BACK UP your old FDM 3.x *.sav service files BEFORE installing and testing new FDM 5 alpha. They may be too large to be properly converted to FDM5 format or broken during coversion.

Build 4726.1(2015-04-27)
[*]Improved performance
[*]Improved RAM consumption
[*]Improved stability
[*]Support for Enhanced protected mode in IE11+/Win8
[*]Upon user requests, Del removes the record of a download from the list whereas Shift+Del removes the file from disk as well. The same way the Recycle Bin button on the panel now removes the download record as opposed to the file itself.
[*]Restarting Chrome is no longer required to apply Chrome monitoring settings
[*]Copy URL works correctly
[*]Improved Unicode support for torrent data
[*]Resolved the issue with scrolling on Surface tablets

Known issues
[-]Pressing Del in some dialog windows (i.e., Preferences) may be handled as an attempt to delete the active (selected) download
[-]Actions for context menu items “remove from list” and “delete file(s)” are mixed up
[-]There still are usability issues with scrolling on Surface tablets that will be resolved in the future

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Hey, it’s not stable software. The old one is good. I found out after downloading from the new one (means from 5.1 version) that files get damaged after downloading. During extracting any .zip or .rar file. Files and videos are corrupted.

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