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FDM 5.0 Is Now Compatible with Firefox 38

Dear Users!

Please use the download button below to download the version of FDM 5 that supports Firefox 38 and 39.

Download FDM 5 Preview


Build 4520.2(2015-05-15)
[*]Added compatibility with Firefox 38 and 39

3 thoughts on “FDM 5.0 Is Now Compatible with Firefox 38”

Please fix the FireFox add-in. It’s disabled in the latest version of FireFox, and even prior to that it’s crazy buggy. “Download video with FDM” menu option doesn’t do anything. Many times in Feedly, “Download with FDM” doesn’t show up in the menu at all. Right now v5 is so feature crippled compared to v3 that it’s unusable. The combination of ClipGrab and the FireFox download manager lets me do everything I need to do, much of which is advertised as a feature of FDM but either missing entirely or a menu item with no code/functionality behind it in FDM v5.

I’ll agree with the previous poster about FDM5: it’s awful. It is certainly simplified, but it is not very helpful. Perhaps I’m judging it too soon and other features similar to the current version will be added. Very little in the way of options or parameter settings and no “convert format” tool, which was one of the things I liked best about the utility.

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