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FDM 5.0 Improved Stability for Firefox Add-On Updates

Dear Users!

Please use the download button below to download the version of FDM 5 that improves stability for Firefox Add-On updates.

Download FDM 5 Preview


Build 4520.3(2015-05-26)
[*]Improved stability for Firefox add-on updates

6 thoughts on “FDM 5.0 Improved Stability for Firefox Add-On Updates”

I LOVE the new FDM, have been using for a few months even still preview/beta lol, beautiful & clean UI etc, please add ‘schedule download’ first if you can.
Thanks so much.

Please update Google Chrome Extension. Download integration does not work, it’s still using default chrome download.

Hi. I was downloading a huge file using FDM. It was half downloaded and I right clicked and removed file preview by mistake. Now please help me, how to continue that download?

I am downloading a file with FDM and running disk defragment. It created an error in downloading and my file is not resuming in the log. It says ‘Server ignored partial content request’. What should I do?

Hello Priyank Panwar,

Please specify:
– FDM version;
– OS;
– browser.

Also, kindly send us the file link and a download log from the Log tab in the bottom panel.

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