New Stable FDM ver. 3.9.6 Released

Dear all!

Our team is delighted to inform you that FDM ver. 3.9.6 has been released. This release is oriented on stability. Dear Windows XP Users, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences you have experienced with the version 3.9.5. The bugs that caused the client instability have been fixed.

The actual FDM release can be discussed and downloaded at our Forum.

[+] BitTorrent sequential downloads checkbox added
[*] Bugs present in ver. 3.9.5 fixed
[*] YouTube downloads can be resumed after a long pause

Best regards,
FDM Support Team

21 thoughts on “New Stable FDM ver. 3.9.6 Released”

  1. FDM ver. 3.9.6 the plugin also doesn’t work in Firefox 40.
    It shows disabled but has no way to enable it.

  2. Actually, I edited the install.rdf file and changed it from 39.* to 40.* and was able to get it to enable but… it still doesn’t seem to intercept downloads. I still get the Firefox download dialog.

  3. The LITE version of 3.9.6 says: “Invalid installation: installed Bittorrent module can’t be used with this version of FDM”
    What is wrong???

  4. The plugin for Firefox browser doesn’t work with Firefox 40.0
    Please develop a Update which work with 40.0.
    BTW: A great plugin, i love it. 🙂 and many thanks for your effort.

  5. Please add \"Refresh download address function\" in FDM it is the most important function missing in this app.

  6. This doesn\’t work with Firefox 40. It is annoying that every time Firefox decides to do an update, all my extensions don\’t work. I hope this gets fixed quickly.

  7. No longer working in FireFox … please can you fix it? I really don’t want to look for another download manager 🙁

  8. The add download dialog/window not appear when we click a download link in silent mode off/unchecked. The download link is added to the queue but no “Add Download” dialog/window pop up. Please bring back this feature, it’s useful when we want to do a “Save As” thing.

  9. WTF! No update since TWO months?! WTF are they thinking, really!

    Anyone got FDM v3.9.5 extension working with Firefox 40?

  10. When I saw the list of improvements of latest release 3.9.6 that now it supports “YouTube downloads can be resumed after a long pause”. I downloaded latest Build (1614) of 3.9.6 but it even stooped the functionalities which my previous build had. Previously when some Video didn’t resume after a long pause and if I select “Restart Download” then it resume the downloaded from the place till it had downloaded previously but now it’s not doing anything. Seems “Restart Download” is not even working. Any suggestion would be a great help.

  11. Pleasantly surpised at the fact that I downloaded this and found this to be more useful to me than IDM ever was, I would highly reccomend to anyone and over the moon its free! not only can you not beat the price but NO ADWARE! what a rare treet these days.
    Thank you for finally giving something that doesn’t kill my budget on a single mothers disability pension.

  12. Why is version 3.9.7 (not 3.9.6 anymore) already in your download page, but no release news nor changelog to be found. If I try to update the software from my FDM 3.9.6 build 1614, it says the software is already of the latest version. So, please inform us on what’s new with 3.9.7. Thanks!

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