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Meet New FDM5 Build 5140

Dear Users,

We’re pleased to inform you that we have launched a new version of FDM5! You’re very welcome to download our client with an updated add-on for Firefox 41+ and overall enhanced stability.

Please keep in mind that since Firefox introduced extension signing, the previous versions of FDM5 won’t be compatible with the browser any more. However, until next January, it’ll still be possible to delay the verification process and re-enable the plug-in. Read more here on our forum.

Download FDM 5 Preview

Build 5140 (2015-09-20)

[*] Firefox add-on updated to be compatible with new Firefox 41+

10 thoughts on “Meet New FDM5 Build 5140”

Auto category file extension still need fixing there are a lot of bugs on it. My download file sometimes was placed to other category. Example: MKV was supposed to go to the video category but it went to some other.

I downloaded and tried the FDM 5. I saw its UI. I looked at all its settings, including the advanced ones. I read the description on the website. I read the first comments and the response to them in the forum/blog/feedback. I could see *no* indication, from *any* of these sources, of whether this new version still splits the files into chunks like the old one did.
At this point, regardless of it does or not, I think that the failure to indicate this in some iota of a way is incredibly irresponsible.
I’m going back to the old version, in the hopes that it was created by a totally different set of people, who were at least a little bit sensible in communication.

It is only when in the final step in downloading FDM 5 that a note appears about Firefox 42 incompatibility, after uninstalling FDM 3! There should be a note about it in the forum!
Would it be possible to be notified by email when Firefox 42 integration is done? Googling “FDM FF 42 compatibility” is useless, as well as monitoring FDM forums!

It’s gonna be very helpful if there is an option (download scheduler) to download a job after the previous job had completed or in error state.

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