Firefox Extension updated!

Dear FDM users!

We’re happy to announce that Free Download Manager extension for Firefox is now compatible with all versions of the browser, starting from 52.0, as well as for the Windows XP users who have recently had some problems with downloads.

Download and enjoy FDM!

20 thoughts on “Firefox Extension updated!”

1)how you are giving this application at free of cost ?
2)is it safe or you are collecting some type of data ?
3)thanks for making such an useful application 馃檪

I do not know how to use it.

“Parsing failure: Unexpected Error” message is coming when an URL is fed for downloading!!

YEAH! Thanks. 馃檪

Why FDM isn’t published for Linux users?:(

I suggest you to address following issues regarding FDM

1. Fdm can not be stretched to desired small size.
2. FDM’s name, status, speed and size column can not be moved left or right.
3. FDM only has shutdown computer option after all downloads are completed. But sometimes internet will be gone. such case pc should be shut down.
4. FDM apps should have password option to open.

Where is the Android version? It is a really nice application. I need this app as it can use the net to full potential, it is user friendly too

FIREFOX addon not to be installed in version of firefox 59
kindly help

please help me
download manager could not working
error – free download manager has stopped working

i liked FDM with chrome, now i migrated to opera, FDM not integrating

There should be an option for downloading the whole playlist. Will you consider including such a provision ?

Thanks in advance.

Dear sir , would you please put source code on github ? want to follow your project

my fdm not working well
please solve the issue

it show operation cancelled error while getting the link please tell me how to solve it by emailing on my email

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I downloaded this app and I still cannot find the manual I purchased online. I paid for and downloaded the manual but I still cannot find it on my computer. I hope you can help. Thank you.

Please upload the safari extension file to .safariextz

It’s the best superb DOWNLOAD MANAGER ever for me.
I’m not interested to download without ‘free download manager’. Now I got this change URL option too, but it’s added long versions before … but I know this is right now

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