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I like your new version except for one thing. I have satellite internet with data limits. It has bonus or free data between 12am and 8am so I schedule downloads with the older version of FDM. I could not do this the new version. One more thing – this reply keeps timing out and asking for another “I’m not a robot” every 15 seconds, irritating.

i downloaded the latest version but stil it’s not oprning in windows 10 .

Thank you very much, for linux version!!

Please add fdm to ios

No linux support for 32bit. Debian (MX18)

Why aren’t you guys posting source-code anymore? Is it not Open-source anymore?

Fdm for linux is good. Capture m3u8 but not join ther segments.

Please add RPM packages too!
Many people use Fedora and OpenSUSE.

all is great



It has been 3 months and you have not released a stable release of fdm6. When will stable free download manager 6 for windows be released?

Hello, If you were to make us to choose a folder for temp files ( where parts download first) we may custom this folder too.
I don’t want temp folder to be in my SSD hard disk. After All SSD has a limited writable capabilities.
This is the only reason I do not use FDM.

I really love the way FDM works but I stopped using it over a couple of years back because it triggers the discrete graphics on my MacBook Pro. This is absolutely unnecessary, and consumes battery.
I came back to see if it was fixed but sadly its not.

I can’t download videos or any kinds of file through fdm from microsoft edge. Rather I can’t found any integration module of it in microsoft edge. So What Can I Do Now?

please add safari extension for mac os Catalina

Am i still able to download half of the movie i started downloading at the llast version, here in this new one?

Good program

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