20 thoughts on “FDM 6.7 RC”

  1. I like your new version except for one thing. I have satellite internet with data limits. It has bonus or free data between 12am and 8am so I schedule downloads with the older version of FDM. I could not do this the new version. One more thing – this reply keeps timing out and asking for another “I’m not a robot” every 15 seconds, irritating.

  2. thank you for you great software…i’m trying to download a youtube channek and it stops after more or less 30 files even though there are a lot more.
    Is there something to config that i’m missing?
    greets from Italy

  3. It has been 3 months and you have not released a stable release of fdm6. When will stable free download manager 6 for windows be released?

  4. Hello, If you were to make us to choose a folder for temp files ( where parts download first) we may custom this folder too.
    I don’t want temp folder to be in my SSD hard disk. After All SSD has a limited writable capabilities.
    This is the only reason I do not use FDM.

  5. I really love the way FDM works but I stopped using it over a couple of years back because it triggers the discrete graphics on my MacBook Pro. This is absolutely unnecessary, and consumes battery.
    I came back to see if it was fixed but sadly its not.

  6. I can’t download videos or any kinds of file through fdm from microsoft edge. Rather I can’t found any integration module of it in microsoft edge. So What Can I Do Now?

  7. Am i still able to download half of the movie i started downloading at the llast version, here in this new one?

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