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New FDM 6.9 released!

Dear FDM Users!

Our team is excited to inform you about the release of cross-platform Free Download Manager 6.9!

From now on, you can use your favourite internet download manager on popular platforms, including Linux and Android. We’ve made big changes: improved the performance of FDM, optimized the consumption of resources, reduced the size of the distribution file, and added the functionality to download video from Facebook.

Download the new FDM 6.9 and share your constructive feedback on our forum!

FDM 6.9 stable:

36 thoughts on “New FDM 6.9 released!”

Hi there. I’m a big fan of FDM. One of the best download managers I’ve come across. I have two quick questions, please.

First, when I add a download, it downloads smoothly up to 99%. At 99% it stops and the download speed drops to 0. There are 2 ways to restart this. One is to pause and restart the download. The other is to add a new download which then prompts the old download to restart.

The second problem is that I find that as soon as I add a new download, the first download is paused and the new download starts. This points to prioritisation of the download, I suppose. Is there any way to set the download priority to default to the first/oldest download. All subsequent downloads should queue behind the first and only start when the first is completed?

Many thanks once again for a fantastic tool

new updates released ..but when i check for update in my old FDM that shows up to date…
But in this website here shows about the latest version…

hi guys I just downloaded your product and I put it to work, but pls tell me how can I see a video preview before that video completely downloaded.pls help me!

For an Antivirus, I use IObit Malware Fighter with Bit Defender. Maybe you can add it as a possible selection when you add that option.

Is there any API we can use to fetch the latest version of FDM and their download URLs? This way we can automate the package updating.

sir ADD an option to change incompleted file {Temp folder} location change option because I have 1 SSD and 1 HDD, I don’t want incompleted file {temp file} in my SSD.

I loved this before. Now I removed this because I cannot limit the upload speed of torrents.

Thanks for the linux port. Is FDM open source? If so where can I find the source code. Thanks.

Today I visit your site. I see the new version 6.9.
So I checked my software version. I go to check for updates. it showed me ‘FDM is up to date’. then I check my version. but it shows me (2007-2019).
Now how I can use the new version 6.9?

I really thank to all developers who developed the free download manager for Windows and Android faster it is completely free and it’s easy to use and if I compare the speed of the FDM from any local browser like Google Chrome sophistry I can say that if freedom for free download manager is totally good than any other thing I really thanks to all the other parts to make this beautiful things for us means users.

pls add sort ability by status and unfinished download tab
ty for a such nice app
Orbit Downloader was really good but discontinued
can u please add all of its features to your application?
for example: accelerating the download speed of a file using its mirror links

I have been a user of FDM since .. I don’t even remember the date.. way too long ago… It has great utilities and always loved it and this has always been a part of my system. Just one point.. in your early versions (I have one copy saved in my previous laptop) there was an option with right-click it used to ask download all files on that page then you had a choice of selecting even type of files, like PDFs, Videos, Sound files etc… but I don’t see that in new FDM version.. That was an excellent utility, should bring back that option…

Please add one feature to scheduler how much data is to be downloaded. Suppose I have 1 gb data limit and I want to download a movie of 4 gb, the FDM must be able to download the data as I set (e.g. I want to get downloaded only 500mb data during a particular schedule). It will help me to use data for other works. Thanks.

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