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New FDM 6.14.2 released!

Dear Users!

We are pleased to announce that the new version of Free Download Manager 6.14.2 is now available for downloading.

We have worked hard to improve your experience with the FDM program. In addition to minor improvements and bug fixes, a revision of the core was made – now, FDM does not create .freedownloadmanager service folders on drives where files are downloaded.

We would like to thank all the users who helped us improve Free Download Manager by submitting bug reports and testing the beta builds. Your assistance is truly appreciated!

Download the new FDM 6.14.2 and share your feedback on our forum!

38 thoughts on “New FDM 6.14.2 released!”

You can though, Just grab the new link and just try to download a new file and it will auto-detect it and you can hit resume instead of new file

Experiencing problem of integration with Google Chrome, it is slowing down the browser and also functionality is compromised.

Since the last two releases the “Fle is missing” indicator does not automatically display on the file list status column when a file is deleted / renamed on the system. i am having to restart the app to identify renamed or missing files. if this feature was intentionally removed please add a refresh button so i can refresh the list without having to exit and restart the app every time.

FDM is not creating a specific folder for the same type of files. Is that issue solved in this update?

You can find this option by right-clicking the download in the context menu.

Also, you can disable seeding by hovering your mouse over the download or the taskbar where the download info is provided.

Even after years of development, it doesn’t have the basic feature of a download manger that is changing the queue order manually.

Should we keep the same folder installation when updating to 6.14.2?
It is nowhere to be seen. Nobody says nor explains that.
The installer asks where to install, and when I point to the folder where the previous version of FDM had been installed, it says ” Folder already exists. Would you like to install to that folder anyway?”
What do I need to do in order to keep the history and so on: same folder or new one?


Do you mean updating from FDM 5 to FDM 6? Please use a new folder as the installer suggests. It won’t prevent importing data from FDM 5.

Dear Dev.

Error while running on my PC.

For Your info:
Win 7 Ultimate SP1, AMD Athlon 64×2 Dual Core 4800

Please update for this error.


Please include this option like idm has. Any videos watch popup button click other format video list option download and FDM other video download copy link and past this function is not good. please popup button click animate thanks.

We’ll add your feature suggestion to our to-do list.

Please specify your OS. Have you tried FDM6? If yes, what’s wrong with it?

In the advanced options -> fixed default download folder, when using %content_type% macro (ex: G:/Downloads/%content_type%), it does not recognize .exe and compressed files (.zip, .rar…). It will put them in the Miscellaneous folder, I would love to add two separate additional folders for compressed and executables. Thanks.

Your Free downloader doesn’t seem to work with files from Rapidgator Premium. Is FDM only suitable for torrent files?

Thanks guys, however went back to v5 because v6 just doesn’t handle broken downloads – just keeps saying resource changed after adding updated link. Having endless HTTP Error 404 when downloading from rapidgator with v6* (v5 much better).

I have used FDM for many years, but haven’t in perhaps 10 years. Now I just installed the new version, and can’t find the tabs… Where is the site explorer located?

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