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Our blog is 5 days old. For this anniversary we got a present from Microsoft today the beta version of Windows Live Writer was announced.


  • While installing, it adds Onfolio toolbar to IE (optional) making it work with tabs (supports old IE versions) But the toolbar needs to be updated at once.
  • Is considered to be a default client for Windows Live Spaces has anybody an idea why? – but also compatible with other weblogs (Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress). Semi-automatic configuring just point URL, login and password.
  • Easy photo and map publishing
  • Works via proxy servers


  • Lack of text formatting features, in spite of WYSIWYG authoring. If you are used to Semagic, Zoundry Blog Writer or BlogJet, you’ll be missing them.

Wish to get the most out of Live Writer? Tweak its API, as we do right now. Launching FDM blog, we had concerns about each piece of blog client software we tried. Frankly, we still use no client. At the moment we are testing the toolkit by Microsoft.

2 thoughts on “Live Writer”

I am only concerned that this writer software doesn’t fully support anything other than msn spaces, and others are just “inserted” via xmlrpc… It doesn’t even recognize slightly changed stylesheet… Other than that, it has a problem with slow servers, which tend to ping other servers constantly, and returns an error…

And you’re right, every single piece of software that i’ve tried didn’t give me chills – well, not even a smile on my face, because they are written for a purpose…

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