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FDM Blogging Buzz Gets Started!

We worked hard during the last several years making every effort to enhance Free Download Manager and fill it with useful features. And now, after releasing and testing FDM 2.0 and 2.1 publicly, we are sure to say: FDM has become the best downloading application in the world.
FDM has millions of loyal users all over the world and is already very popular: it has #1 most popular website (alexa stats) among download managers and is rated #1 in google for “download manager”. But surprisingly there are still many people who don’t know about it and still use their browsers to download files and Explorer to manage them (or use competing applications… shame on them ;-))!

So today we are starting a new Internet experiment – FDM blogging buzz which goal is to make FDM the fastest-spreading internet tool in the blogosphere.

Why do you need to join the buzz?
The new FDM version is social software in which we implemented some features based on Web 2.0 technologies that will let users share their opinion about files they download with other community members.
The more people use FDM, the more files will be commented and rated, the greater is the advantage for each of the community members!

So how can you join the buzz? Here are two possible ways:

  • Add our site (www.freedownloadmanager.org) and/or our blog (www.freedownloadmanager.org/blog/) to your blog links or to your personal space (see MySpace and MSN Spaces tips).
  • Post a short note about it in the blog if you don’t have a links area.

And the last step is to inform us about your site so we can track the buzz and add you to the list of participants that will be available soon on our site.

31 thoughts on “FDM Blogging Buzz Gets Started!”

Good idea, this campaign:)
Just consider making 80×15 & maybe also other sizes support icons…
BTW, why you guys don’t make the sources GPL’d…? You can still keep the ability to have it dual-licensed, a) under GPL and b) under proprietary license for use in closed source products (earning $$$)…

Yeah I made a blog to support your guys on my space. Oh right I hope people read it and I think I’ll post a bulleting about it too.


I Googled for a decent new download manager and your site came up. I installed and tried your program and “WOW”. I have scrapped my GetRight program as totally obselete. Thanks a million.



Discovered this today, but I’m really happy that I made this a long time ago, since this software DESERVES it!

Otherwise it’s between permanent links on my blog.

I looked on google for “download manager” yours came up. I installed it. I pulled the Ethernet plug from the download to test it and it restarted were it left off very good! I don’t get how you have it for free. Thank you. It’s a very nice download manager. To bad windows does not have somthing like this built in.

-Raymond Day

i have 2 doubts… one is if fdm can manage torrent files? and second how can i search for music and videos where ur aplication can work? Many thx

2edgar: FDM 2.1 version does not support BitTorrent protocol. FDM should work everywhere. If you found FDM does not work for you e-mail to support. Don’t forget to include detailed information about your system configuration and provide some urls that FDM can’t handle.

They write that they have a “FDM Blogging Buzz” without explaining what this should be. Could someone explain? Thank you.

2 admin_j:

FDM development team have been thinking about making the software open-source, so we’ll probably release it under the GPL license.

guys congratulations….im a loyal user of this awesome software….
and i can say….the best…good job and keep going…..the world needs more peoples like u …worked hard and maked this program……from the people to the people….thats the way…cya

Posted on my blog. Hopefully you guys get a lot of attention and downloads. I really think FDM is one of the best download managers available!

Hey! you’re really doing a good job!!

the buzz is a good idea, and i would like to join it, but the robot don’t find the link on my page… 🙁

you can check it http://www.silencesucks.c.la at the very bottom of the page (it’s in french, OK, but the link is here!!)

carry on with FDM, I love this soft as I love firefox [=

This is such a fantastic blog! I am glad I came across it. is there anywhere else I may be able to find more information on this ? Please let me know

The 64-bit version has two reports of Softdeluxe (fs) malware (from VPIRE and AVware engines) out of 55 results on VirusTotal. Though I feel it’s probably safe to install FDM-64, it would be more comfort to users to eliminate those two false alerts.

Thanks for your excellent product; I’ve been using the 32-bit version for years!

Hello Moish,

Thank you for your report! We can assure you that both links (32-bit, 64-bit) are clean and those two reports are false positives. We contacted antivirus companies to resolve the issue ASAP.

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