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An advanced tool to create GIF animations.

If you need a tool to create GIF animations, check out Adv GIF Animator. Though the program interface is not too modern or smooth to please the most demanding eye, the software offers just about everything a designer or a home enthusiast needs in order to create a GIF animation, be it a banner, button or a movie. True to its title, Adv GIF Animator looks really advanced to me. It offers a bounty of features; a new user may even think it’s overloaded with functions. Last but not least, the software is multi language. If your native tongue is other than English, you are most likely to find it in the list containing about 30 languages.

5 thoughts on “An advanced tool to create GIF animations.”

Looks like a good tool!
Will downloaded it, try it.
Cheers for sharing and keep up good posts!
Matt Kolorowanki,

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