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FDM has been updated to build 758

FDM has been updated to build 758. 

What’s new: some bug fixes:

[-]Scheduler: did not remove autostart mode from stopped downloads.

[-]Bittorrent: some bug fixes.

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I downloaded FDM yesterday and it worked initially. Today my system has asked it to be reinstalled, and I can’t download other programs. They simply do not respond.

i use free download manager along time now and its the best manager of the internet.
it can do everything if you have 200 files awaiting on hold or whatever ,they all follow and the next day all your files are download.
it never fails to work i use it from the beginning (its a must have on every pc)

its free but its worth paying…

With firefox 3 out today.. hopefully fdm will be compatible soon, because I don’t know what I’d do without either (probably be less organized and download more slowly 😉

Can’t wait to have FDM updated to work with FF3.
For now, I just have to rely on using “Copy Link Location” to trigger FDM.

It works with Firefox 3… you just need to uninstall Free Download Manager and reinstall the latest version. If you just install the latest version without uninstalling, it won’t upgrade the Free Download Manager plugin in Firefox to version 1.3.2, which is compatible with Firefox 3. It might also help to uninstall the Free Download Manager plugin from Firefox along with uninstalling Free Download Manager, before you reinstall Free Download Manager.

I have FF3 and FDM is already compatible since version RC2 :S I don’t know what you are talking about guys.

hi . thank you forthe best downloader inthe world . and thank you to make u happy with patching the torent files . how we can help you to make this program better than ever ? i can help you to make our language (farsi) to this fdm . can i help you in any way ?

thanks alot for your try and programing ….

I have just downloaded 758 from 725. 725 was running stable, but downloading torrent file was reallllllly slow 50Kbps. However, after a few minutes, it will crash. Restarting it few times, but still the problem persist. Any idea why?

I have 20 download going on at the same time. No limit on torrent download and upload.

Currently I have set the limit to reasonable amount. Still waiting for it to crash…..

I think the reason that people say it doesn’t work with FF 3.0 is because upon installation (I installed today) you will get an error message that FDM has been blocklisted (the add-on). I found my way here, uninstalled FDM and re-installed. We’ll see if it works or not. If it doesn’t, I will revert back to FF (or whatever I was running before 3). I haven’t seen a huge difference with 3 and I’d rather FDM than FF3.

For the people using Firefox 3, you can try the FlashGot plugin. It will autodetect FDM and works perfect for me. Hope this helps.

Yeah, i use FlashGot. It says that the official FDM plugin is blacklisted. apparently it causes FF3 to crash. The best thing to do is probably to try reinstalling.
Anywho, FDM is amazing software, and a must-have. 🙂

I can’t get the BitTorrent download to work:

“Failed to receive the valid response from the tracker”

I’ve tried several torrent sites including the Ubuntu site posted above (I did try their Tribe 5 download too).

After it’s sent the request to the tracker it gives up after just a few seconds.

I am also having the same trouble as Amit. “Failed to receive the valid response from the tracker” is the message I get whenever I try to download with a bit torrent link.

FUM doesn’t upload files to server (wikifortio.com).
This is the indication of fum.

7:06:23 ìì 9/8/2008 Connecting to upload server
7:06:24 ìì 9/8/2008 Successfully connected to upload server
7:06:30 ìì 9/8/2008 Connection aborted
7:06:30 ìì 9/8/2008 Connecting to upload server
7:06:31 ìì 9/8/2008 Successfully connected to upload server
7:06:37 ìì 9/8/2008 Connection aborted
7:06:37 ìì 9/8/2008 Connecting to upload server
7:06:38 ìì 9/8/2008 Successfully connected to upload server
7:06:44 ìì 9/8/2008 Connection aborted
7:06:44 ìì 9/8/2008 Connecting to upload server

Hey guys what Rich says is true… When the firefox says the free download plugin is not compatible with firefox3 it is true because the reason is you are not having the latest version of free download manager.

Just download the latest version and install it after uninstalling the current version. The plugin with the latest version is 1.3.3 which is compatible with firefox3.

hello.. i have problem here. my FDM version 2.5 build 758 which is latest version is not compatible with firefox3. i really dont understand. i uninstalled FDM, and reinstall again, it still the same problem. when i go to FDM monitoring, i click firefox, this message keep coming out. ” monitoring firefox browser can’t enabled due to flash got extension is installed. you should uninstall Flash Got first”….
need help!!!!!

Hello everybody! Once more about FF3 support:
FDM build 758 and higher supports Firefox 3. If you still have trouble with it, reinstall FDM (make sure Firefox is closed)

2 tom:
We are not yet planning to add RTSP/MMS support.

2 mAc2:
Adding support for Google Chrome is on our to-do list, though lower in priority than some other tasks )

whenever i try to download anything, it ust stops and the reason stated is that: “Device is not ready”…
I beleive that fdm is a great manager, so i really need help…

Free Download Manager Click Catcher Plug-In for Netscape, Opera, Mozilla never update since 2007 if you are going to update the plugin npfm.dll as well which has compatiblity problems with Windows 98.

In Windows XP every mime type is listed in K-Meleon. However, in Windows 98 only one mime type is listed in K-Meleon. Which leads me to believe that npfdm.dll does not mime types correctly in win98. So it does not download certain files when you click a file in K-meleon, Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla.

Спасибочки. Это именно то, что нам нужно было 🙂

could you include the ability to edit the trakers accessed by each torrent in case of connection failer. it is nice to manage my downloads all in one prog thou. thanks for all your effort 5 cool points

Please give priority to create Plug-Ins for Google Chrome. Its a great browser and FDM is the greatest dwonload manager, so both together will make most of our lives easy. Thank You

Thanks to this forum guys.My FDM is up and working with Mozilla.I didnt uninstall FDM,all i did was simply install flashgot plugin and the next download reverted to FDM.Bravo!

From 2 – 3 days my FDM is running very slow
normally it user to give me speed on 15 – 20 kbps
now its giving only in 400 – 800 bytes

thank you so much for the makers of this great software. im using FDM ver.3.7 and it really works great for me. never had a problem. im using it for more than a week now. i hope it still be a free to download forever. i will tell all my friends about this FDM. whoever made this FDM, i would say thank you in a million ways.
i am prexylito ysatam from cebu philippines. im using XP sp3,

I LOVE FDM, I have used it for I don’t know how many years along with the Firefox Plugin, unfortunately, I upgraded my Firefox the other day to Firefox 9 and FDM does not work with it, so Firefox has disabled it…and I miss it so much!!! I hope that FDM will come out with a new version that is compatible with Firefox 9!!!

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