FDM 3.5 RC is issued!


[+] Download flash videos from various sites.
[*] Improved integration with browsers. Firefox 4 support.
[-] Some incompatibility with Windows 7 issues fixed.
Also, some other minor improvements and fixes.

60 thoughts on “FDM 3.5 RC is issued!”


I love F D M……….

thank you

great application

Good applications. Thanks

Best downloader!!

I have tried a lot of down loaders, but this is definitely number one!

I hope it’s better than the fdm i’m using, i’ll be downloading than all of a sudden it’s starts downloading music, applications etc off a whole heap of sites. that i didn’t load. so, im giving 3.5 ago.

fdm is the best !!!




Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out. FDM has been amazingly helpful. Keep up the great work!

this will enhance our down loading

will speed up the process


free download manager is the best software,thats why i recommend this site to my friends

I`m looking forward to use it with Firefox 4

free download manager solution for free pay

Keep up the good work!

Is there any linux version of FDM? I’m allready 3 years use of FDM in windows and very charm, now i migration to linux


This one is too good

this so easy to download

very nice download manager ,but not for 64-bit system,waiting for the 64-bit version

Best downloader ever

FDM + FF4 OMG! Cool Combo 🙂

FDM is cool!

FDM soo fast

FDM 3.5 RC is really cool…!!!
but it has some issues that need to be fix… like the taksbar icon that sometimes won’t appear when Windows startup, and then some bugs on Firefox…

but above all, FDM is my number one download manager…!!!


It is the best download manager i had ever seen before……kep it up….!!!!!!!!!


very good and interesting

FDM is by far the best dl manager on the net, glad they finally fixed the firefox 4 integration. Many Thanks

I’ve been waiting for this one. thank you


Found it in the forum. Here is the direct link for other visitors.


I’ve been waiting for this one. thank you

I love the free fdm.

thank you



Don’t Support Chrome!!!!

above ALL…. Excellent!!!

It doesn’t work with Firefox 5, can you fix it please ?
Thanks a lot for your work

Thanks a lot! You are the best!

chrome not supports fdm..and idm and orbit downloader……

FDM is very good i realy belive on FDM

i like it

i want fdm 3.5rc

Great application

nice porgram


its good i want to check it

thank u



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