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FDM 3.5 RC is issued!


[+] Download flash videos from various sites.
[*] Improved integration with browsers. Firefox 4 support.
[-] Some incompatibility with Windows 7 issues fixed.
Also, some other minor improvements and fixes.

60 thoughts on “FDM 3.5 RC is issued!”

I hope it’s better than the fdm i’m using, i’ll be downloading than all of a sudden it’s starts downloading music, applications etc off a whole heap of sites. that i didn’t load. so, im giving 3.5 ago.

Is there any linux version of FDM? I’m allready 3 years use of FDM in windows and very charm, now i migration to linux

FDM 3.5 RC is really cool…!!!
but it has some issues that need to be fix… like the taksbar icon that sometimes won’t appear when Windows startup, and then some bugs on Firefox…

but above all, FDM is my number one download manager…!!!

FDM is by far the best dl manager on the net, glad they finally fixed the firefox 4 integration. Many Thanks

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