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FDM 3.7 RC is here!

3.7 RC1 build 956. (June 7, 2011)
[*] Improved integration with Internet Explorer.
[*] Greatly improved monitoring for flash videos.
[-] General bug fixes.

You can download it from our Forum: http://freedownloadmanager.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15590

72 thoughts on “FDM 3.7 RC is here!”

I like FDM because it is updated and get updated for me, its really user friendly. Thanks FDM very much.

Please add Firefox 4, 5 support and Opera 11 support too.

For FF 4, 5 there is workaround with FlashGot but it is ugly.

FDM works great with IE and Firefox, but it’s integration with Google Chrome is not so good. I’m looking forward to Google Chrome integration on par with IE and Firefox in the upcoming releases of FDM.

FDM ist the best download manager. Easy to use, knows what the user want… Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to an update for firefox 5.

After testing all the downloadmanagers FDM is the best of all!! But please add firefox 5 support!

Yup it doesn’t support Firefox 5, but then since FF5 just came out it’s would be crazy to expect that FDM supports it right off the bat. I can still use this by copying and pasting links, but I will be glad when the Firefox pluggin is updated.
This is by far the best download accelerator I have ever had.

Could you please upload the Firefox FDM addon to the Firefox addon site and regularly update it? This would solve most problems – thank you.

First there’s no updated version for Firefox 4 and now there’s nothing for Firefox 5… You’re gonna lose users at this rate… Get with the program… FlashGot is a work-around but it’s an ugly workaround…

FDM is the best download manager out there! Great intergration, the community feature rocks, automatic sorting based on file extensions, you can’t get any better!

This is the best download manager.. But i’m holding back the upgrade of Firefox to 5.0, because of missing support for this.. Flashgot is not an god option…..

I’m using FDM since 2005 and it is my only one Donwload Manager ever! I have never installed on my PC any other sh* to download files – always FDM. I beloved in FDM, when I saw it first time! I’m loyal and waiting for new release fully compatible with Win7 and FF5/Opera 11+/IE9. FDM.org you rocks!

FDM is best but ……it can’t capture Google web store apps download in Google Chrome .
Please include Opera 11.11 support.
Show “Download It” button in Google Chrome and Opera.

GREAT Program!!!! Love it.
Q: Will a version that works with Firefox 5 be available soon (please!!!!)???
Thank you!!!


There is no download manager as reliable as FDM in the market and its free too. Great job guys and thanks for everything.

Still missing strong chrome support !!

Hey guys, why do you still give priority to old fashioned browsers like IE,
such complex browsers like Firefox, but not enough to Google’s Chrome?


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