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FDM 2.5 is released!

Dear all! We have released Free Download Manager 2.5. FDM is now released under GNU General Public License!

Of course, this is not the only thing you can rejoice at, as FDM 2.5 opens up new opportunities for its loyal users, as well as for those who are just about to join the FDM community.

What’s new:

  • Flash video download
  • Audio / video files converter
  • Bittorent support
  • Easy file sharing
  • Remote control
  • Portable mode
  • Metalink support
  • General Public License
  • Multilanguage support (desired language may be chosen during installation)

See the full features list. 

Free Download Manager 2.5 is available for free download here. Enjoy!

FDM 2.3 beta build 657


[+] option for disabling seeding of completed bittorrent downloads
[+] enable/disable seeding of selected bittorrent downloads
[-] Uploaded files may be damaged
[-] zip preview minor bug fix
[-] bug fixes in bittorrent support

FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 655

Dear all! Thank you for helping us test FDM beta. We have updated it, now it’s 2.3 beta 6 build 655.

What’s new:

[+] Bittorrent: enable/disable seeding of completed downloads
[*] Improved implementation of Bittorrent protocol
[-] Sometimes a bug occurred after deleting a group of downloads
[-] Bug in portable version of FDM
[-] General bug fixes.

FDM 2.3 BETA 6 build 650

Dear all! We released Free Download Manager 2.3 BETA 6. Here’s the full what’s new list:

[+] Uploads: easy way to share your files.
[+] Portable mode
[+] Bittorrent protocol support
[+] Flash video downloads (e.g. from site)
[+] Audio/video files converter
[+] Metalink support
[+] Ability to remember the last used folder for storing downloads
[+] Macroses for specifying the output folder for downloads
[+] Site Explorer: Progress of building of the list of files
[+] Option to disable notifications for batch downloads
[+] Ability to specify the list of sites that should not be monitored
[+] Automatic integrity check of downloaded file
[+] Take proxy settings from Firefox browser
[+] Sub groups
[+] “Grant all bandwidth for this download” feature
[+] Ability to change the folder for storing FDM’s data files.
[+] Some small improvements and changes
[*] Speedup of work with the large lists of downloads
[*] Keep the video aspect ratio in media preview
[*] Interface improvements
[-] Site Explorer: crash if some network error occurs while building the list of files
[-] Senseless loop, if zip preview failed
[-] Zip preview did not work for sites that allow 1 connection per ip only
[-] Downloaded file was launched before performing the virus check
[-] Work with FTP ASCII mode bug fixed
[-] Scheduler: when scheduling a download to start “Every …” it will show “0 days” instead of hours or minutes.
[-] Failed to download if there was ‘%’ symbol in the FTP url.
[-] General bug fixes

You can download FDM 2.3 BETA 6 build 650 here and you are welcome to test it and discuss it in our board.

FDM developers have never been at a standstill. During the whole period of the program existence FDM Team has constantly been enriching the software with new features making it still more attractive to millions of users all over the world.
But now, with the new 2.1 version, FDM Team is offering you something really special. Free Download Manager 2.1 is not only the perfect downloader, but also social software designed to make surfing and downloading a safer and more rewarding experience. FDM 2.1 users get a new, exciting opportunity – to request the opinion of other community members on the file they are going to download right from the download window. In this way users will secure themselves from useless or malicious files. Read more about this opportunity on our Community Features page.