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FDM Blogging Buzz Gets Started!

We worked hard during the last several years making every effort to enhance Free Download Manager and fill it with useful features. And now, after releasing and testing FDM 2.0 and 2.1 publicly, we are sure to say: FDM has become the best downloading application in the world.
FDM has millions of loyal users all over the world and is already very popular: it has #1 most popular website (alexa stats) among download managers and is rated #1 in google for “download manager”. But surprisingly there are still many people who don’t know about it and still use their browsers to download files and Explorer to manage them (or use competing applications… shame on them ;-))!

So today we are starting a new Internet experiment – FDM blogging buzz which goal is to make FDM the fastest-spreading internet tool in the blogosphere.

Why do you need to join the buzz?
The new FDM version is social software in which we implemented some features based on Web 2.0 technologies that will let users share their opinion about files they download with other community members.
The more people use FDM, the more files will be commented and rated, the greater is the advantage for each of the community members!

So how can you join the buzz? Here are two possible ways:

  • Add our site (www.freedownloadmanager.org) and/or our blog (www.freedownloadmanager.org/blog/) to your blog links or to your personal space (see MySpace and MSN Spaces tips).
  • Post a short note about it in the blog if you don’t have a links area.

And the last step is to inform us about your site so we can track the buzz and add you to the list of participants that will be available soon on our site.

Live Writer

Our blog is 5 days old. For this anniversary we got a present from Microsoft today the beta version of Windows Live Writer was announced.


  • While installing, it adds Onfolio toolbar to IE (optional) making it work with tabs (supports old IE versions) But the toolbar needs to be updated at once.
  • Is considered to be a default client for Windows Live Spaces has anybody an idea why? – but also compatible with other weblogs (Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress). Semi-automatic configuring just point URL, login and password.
  • Easy photo and map publishing
  • Works via proxy servers


  • Lack of text formatting features, in spite of WYSIWYG authoring. If you are used to Semagic, Zoundry Blog Writer or BlogJet, you’ll be missing them.

Wish to get the most out of Live Writer? Tweak its API, as we do right now. Launching FDM blog, we had concerns about each piece of blog client software we tried. Frankly, we still use no client. At the moment we are testing the toolkit by Microsoft.

Free Download Manager 2.1

FDM developers have never been at a standstill. During the whole period of the program existence FDM Team has constantly been enriching the software with new features making it still more attractive to millions of users all over the world.
But now, with the new 2.1 version, FDM Team is offering you something really special. Free Download Manager 2.1 is not only the perfect downloader, but also social software designed to make surfing and downloading a safer and more rewarding experience. FDM 2.1 users get a new, exciting opportunity – to request the opinion of other community members on the file they are going to download right from the download window. In this way users will secure themselves from useless or malicious files. Read more about this opportunity on our Community Features page.